Effective and Safe Waste Collection


Acumen Waste Services operate a dedicated tankering service to manage hazardous and non-hazardous liquid waste.

Acumen’s core services include:

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous bulk waste collections
  • Septic tank and interceptor collections
  • High power vacuum tankers provided for heavy sludge and solids removals
  • Combination vacuum and jetting units
  • Multiple barrel types available including stainless steel, glass lined and tipping barrels
  • Transport only jobs available
  • Demountable barrel hire available

Acumen supply ADR certified drivers and ADR compliant tankers and tractor units, ensuring that we are equipped to collect all types of waste.

The current fleet comprises of a vast range of tankers, with most stainless-steel barrels. These are suitable for a diverse array of waste streams, commonly used for effluent collections made in the food industry, manufacturing, oil interceptors from car parks, roadside gully’s and tank cleaning services. The fleet also boasts several specialised barrels, including two glass lined barrels, suitable, but not restricted to collecting spent acid, most commonly found in the galvanising industry. The pride of the fleet belongs to our combination vacuum and jetting unit. This barrel has a capacity of 24,000 litres with a jetting unit attached to the barrel itself. This ensures that once your tank, interceptor or bath has been emptied, our experienced driver can wash the area down, guaranteeing a full service is offered in one visit, instead of the added expense of a secondary jetting unit coming to site. As it is also a tipping barrel, it is commonly found on site with our Industrial Services team during tank washing services, ensuring that honey thick liquids along with high solid wastes can be collected and disposed of. This allows us to offer a wide range of options to a whole host of market places.

Acumen collect several types of hazardous wastes. These include but not limited to :

  • Acids, chemicals and solvents
  • Degreasing waste, fat trap waste
  • Paints, inks, thinners and adhesives
  • Oil sludges, tank bottoms and washings
  • Interceptor and septic wastes.

With a network of depots, Acumen ensures the most cost effective and appropriate method of collecting your liquid waste throughout the length and breadth of the UK. Acumen can cover any region on a 24 hour a day basis throughout the UK, this being an influencing factor in us being awarded membership to the UK Spill Association and have been accredited with –

  • Basic Spill Responder
  • Fresh Water Spills
  • Ground Water Spills
  • Road Tanker Rollover
  • Contaminated soils

Water savings with ClearWater System

Case Study

Acumen was recently tasked with installing a ClearWater System at a stately home in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. When our experienced team had finished installing this innovative system, the Head Gardener at the property asked if it would be possible to install water meters on to the hose outlets, to see how much water was being saved. Acumen agreed to this and...

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Head Office, Knottingley

Acumen House, Headlands Lane, Knottingley, West Yorkshire, WF11 0LA

Phone: 01977 529586


Acumen Waste Services, Tame Road, Middlesbrough, TS3 6LL

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West Midlands

Acumen Waste Services, Lincoln Street, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV10 0DX

Phone: 01902 352100

York - Escrick

Acumen Waste Recovery Park, The Old Brick & Tile Works, YO19 6ED

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No 2 East Site, East Terminal, Immingham Dock, Immingham

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Keighley Office, Newbridge Industrial Estate, Pitt Street, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD21 4PQ

Phone: 0845 600 3572

York - Harewood Whin

Liquid Treatment Plant, Harewood Whinn, Tinker Lane, Rufforth, York, YO2 3RR

Phone: 01977 529586