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Retails stores waste can be reduced by recycling

Retail stores generate a lot of waste, however a lot of it is recyclable. All the packaging of their items before they display them on shelves, such as cardboard and shrink wrap, can be recycled and here are ways in which your retail stores could reduce its waste further.

Try to reduce the use of extra packaging when a customer makes a sale. Instead of bagging it for them, ask them if they want a bag first. This will inevitably help to reduce some waste. At the same time try to encourage the use of reusable shopping bags.

If possible, ask vendors to reduce their packaging of products you sell and if it is not already, try to encourage them to use packaging that can be reused as well.

If you have merchandise or product that is slightly damaged or outdated, try and use this in some way, rather than throwing out. One way of doing this might be to align your business to a charity that could use the stock.

Add recycling bins in all the breakout areas in your store so that staff can easily recycle as well. Also put recyclable bins just outside the store so that customers know they can recycle their items before they go in, or out of the store too.

Educate your staff on how they can do more to reduce and reuse items. This could have a huge impact on your overall reduction of waste.

Promote buy-back programs or upcycling programs to encourage new sales with a trade-in of old products that can be recycled, reused, or donated.

These are some, not all, of the ways you can as a retail stores reduce your waste output. If you would like to speak to Acumen about your retail waste solutions, you can by calling one of our team today on 01977 529586.


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