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Acumen are frequently called upon to develop and implement bespoke solutions for the clean-up and disposal of large-scale, difficult and hazardous waste.

We’re recognised as being among the leading specialists nationwide for managing such projects, with a deserved reputation for minimising environmental impact and risk to public health and safety.

Our work speaks for itself

In the last few years we have provided key clean-up and remediation services at some of the most contaminated former gas works in the UK, including projects in Manchester, Newport, Liverpool and Birmingham. Many of these sites were in built-up industrial areas and near operational National Grid facilities.

We’ve also project-managed the remediation of a large electrical substation, which had been used as an unauthorised tip. The ground was significantly contaminated with asbestos and mixed hydrocarbon materials before we safely removed it.

And in 2010 we were carried out emergency site work and the final remediation of a chemical storage facility containing more than 500 tonnes of mixed hazardous chemicals.

We provided emergency clean-up services involving the site itself, local water courses and the immediately surrounding areas, working closely with the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive. We then cleared the site down to ground level, removing and safely disposing of all contaminated infrastructure.

Site remediation

For decades we have been involved in the remediation and recovery of sites contaminated by the UK’s industrial past.

We own a state of the art mobile soil treatment plant that uses advanced technology to treat and wash contaminated soil. Our project team provide cradle-to-grave site recovery for developers or site owners, using a wide range of recovery and treatment techniques. This minimises cost and delivers effective solutions for even the most contaminated sites.

Call us today to find out more about these projects, or to find out how Acumen can help you.

Advanced soil washing plant

The Acumen Process Plant is a mobile soil treatment system that is a sustainable alternative to landfill for the disposal and treatment of contaminated soils during site remediation.

We take the mobile plant to sites that have been contaminated for a wide variety of reasons, from the pollutants from the UK’s industrial past, present day chemical contamination and unexpected spillages through to major environmental incidents.

It uses a unique range of solutions to remove contaminants from land affected by a wide variety of materials including poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, toxic metals, cyanides and many other inorganic and organic contaminants.

The equipment scrubs the soil to remove the contaminants, and then grades the different particles into separate fractions for recycling. It also uses proprietary additives in solution and a unique high-pressure enclosed loop induction system to clean the contaminated materials. During the process, the contaminants are captured in the wash water and silt phases for further treatment.

Recycling aggregates for the construction industry

Recycled elements can include sand, gravel and larger aggregates, all of which can be used in the construction sector as raw materials. Cleaned soil components can even be left on-site if it is called for by the site remediation plans.

The plant remediates wastes designated anywhere from low- to high-level contamination including non-hazardous, hazardous and waste acceptance criteria (WAC)-failing materials. And it does so far more cost effectively and sustainably than landfill.

The process can also be tailored to suit unique problems such as asbestos, landfill recovery and liquid contaminants.

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