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Experts: Leon Kirk

A sustainable alternative to landfill for disposal & treatment of contaminated soils arising from the remediation industry.  Acumen Waste Services Ltd provide remediation services for the clean up of contaminated land throughout the UK. 


The Acumen Process Plant is a mobile soil treatment system and incorporates a unique range of solutions designed to remove contaminants from land impacted with a wide variety of materials including; poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils, toxic metals, cyanides and all manner of inorganic and organic contaminants.

The plant remediates wastes from low to high-level contamination including Non-Hazardous, Hazardous and WAC failing materials far more cost effectively and sustainably than Landfill.

The process plant operates by grading particles based on their size and physical characteristics. Materials cleansing is achieved using proprietary additives in solution and materials being washed under a unique high pressure enclosed loop induction system. 

We at Acumen pride ourselves on providing ethical and compliant solutions for contaminated soils, but inevitably there is still a heavy reliance on landfill. This provides a much more sustainable alternative by soil treatment, which cleans the majority of the soil components so they can be recycled. Recovered components can even be left on site if the site remediation plans incorporate this as a concept.

The process can also be tailored to suit unique problems such as asbestos, landfill recovery, liquid contaminants etc.

Case Study: Soil Remediation

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