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Experts: Ian Wray

The high cost of sending waste to landfill sites and the rocketing price of oil and other commodities mean recycling has an essential role to play in modern waste management. Acumen’s experts are ideally placed to help.

We’ve helped our clients save millions of pounds by recycling a wide range of waste materials – from bottles and paper through to fuels and industrial chemicals. And we offer a waste oil collection service that buys used oils from the automotive and other industries and recycles it for future use, through our Acumen Energy business.

We manage a number of contracts for disposing of household waste like glass, aluminium, paper and card through recycling facilities rather than landfill sites. We also maintain composting facilities for disposing of garden waste.

In both cases this means our clients in both the public and private sectors avoid significant landfill taxes, and can often lower costs further by through additional rebates.

Our Contract Services division looks to salvage and recycle as much industrial waste as possible as one of its key objectives. This can mean extracting liquid from solids and recycling it to produce a secondary liquid fuel, recovering aggregates from contaminated soil, or recovering product-grade elements from waste materials.

With the value of such commodities soaring globally, recycling on this scale can make a significant difference to an organisation’s bottom line.

Waste oil collection

If you produce waste oil then depending on certain factors we will buy it from you for cash. We collect oil from garages and other vehicle service facilities across the country and recycle it for use in the future, providing an extra source of income and helping you help the environment. Call us today to find out more.

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